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Gygaxis :: Lifeline

Gyggi Lives In The Hip Hop

22 August 1984
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Try and respect others. Be adult. Hate speech will not be tolerated; that means no racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ablism, victim-blaming, or any other form of discriminatory speech.

Gyg is a 25 year old concept artist who is going to Art Center College of Design and majoring in Illustration minor in Entertainment Arts. A Picturesque Leo, with a virgo cusp. I play video games, switch grammatical tenses, draw, paint, take photos, watch movies, read novels and comics, watch anime, go out dancing, exercise, and hang out with my friends occasionally. I am a US citizen, I've been to Europe and studied for 2 years in Canada, and my next trip plan is to go to Japan some fucking time. Gyg is the only child of a happy home, with two parents going on 27 years of happy marriage (Which is a civil right for everyone, regardless of orientation or gender identity fyi). As a navy brat, Gyg traveled all around the world as a child, and hasn't really settled down yet, but is liking this California place. Gyg is one to philosiphize and carry on deep conversations, while using a vast array of fucktastic expatives. Currently, Gyg is was very taken, and is still a tremendous flirt, there is a good chance if you are a girl, Gyg would have been up for making out with you. But you all missed out cause now he has a fucking amazing girlfriend FIANCE named Caity, and you're SOL. Caity and Gyg have been together for 4+ years and plan to get married in SUmmer 2011. I'm a liberal, I have strong opinions about my politics, pay attention to what's going on in the political world, and I am a strong proponent of social justice and equality.

Marriage is love.