Gygaxis (gygaxis) wrote,

From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 09:51:49: Hi hi #ims211 I've worked on some indie games as a concept artist and will be finishing my BFA degree for illustration this summer.
  • 10:25:51: RT @ibogost: RT @michelmcbride: Life and Death and Middle Pair: Go, Poker and the Sublime, @flantz's GDC talk. Watch this. ...
  • 10:30:46: RT @SirKenRobinson: Lessons for Washington from Easter Island. Good piece on testing and education from Yong Zhao:
  • 10:37:57: RT @KillScreenMag TODAY ON KS: What does Minecraft have to with the Hudson River School of landscape painting?
  • 10:43:16: @scott_343 that sounds like a viable foil for the brotagonist of an epic story
  • 15:01:40: RT @bobbychiu: heard through the grape vine that Pixar is looking for a sketch artist. Apply here

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