Gygaxis (gygaxis) wrote,

From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 07:21:29: @zhiwiller I try and tell people this, especially at art school, and invariably get glossy black double sided cards
  • 07:52:35: @gunthera1 I think it suffers from TBH still (at least feeling) like a fairly small community that also keeps in touch via twitter a lot
  • 07:52:52: @gunthera1 but therer were some added things in your recent article that I hadn't known that just made me facepalm more
  • 08:04:45: @gunthera1 there's also a different level of engagement with critical writing and the banal release dates and scored reviews of games too
  • 10:20:30: @jinkwell really happy with my boxwave capactive stylus for sketching.
  • 10:22:26: @victoriaying My housemate Bryan Wong should be kicking around the studio with @art_center 's Graphic Design for Entertainment Class today
  • 10:41:00: @winsher notes send me your notes
  • 10:51:46: @winsher character design
  • 11:16:07: @jinkwell let me know how you like the nomad vs the boxwave, I haven't tried that one yet
  • 11:17:05: @kjdawson80 you can do it! I really liked a pixar saying I learned about the other day "Going from suck to nonsuck" and it's soo true about
  • 11:17:48: @kjdawson80 any piece that I'm working, so much of my process is troubleshooting what isn't working and editing down to only working bits
  • 11:22:21: @Jkooza @plushapo that qualifies him as "International TV Sensation Jake Kazdal" now though =O
  • 11:25:11: @kjdawson80 observational drawing is super key, helps you establish a solidity and a taste for proportions that informs other work
  • 14:13:38: @kjdawson80 do life drawing then, still lives, street scenes, go to local pet store/humane society and draw animals, sketch people in public

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