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From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 09:45:14: RT @maddow: 46% of GOP voters in Mississippi say govt should make interracial marriage illegal: (pdf) #BigGovtConser ...
  • 10:15:26: RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: I have to say that three dudes in a room negotiating women's rights in order to avoid a government shutdown does not ...
  • 10:21:24: RT @aidosaur: Hmm, Mass Effect is being made into an anime? Crossing my fingers that it'll look like Joy Ang's designs. http://tinyurl ...
  • 10:31:24: RT @JoelBurgess: GDC Vault has posted audio from #LDinaDay 2011. Feast your ears on all 247 uncut minutes.
  • 10:41:14: @DinobotTwit Big changes covered in your contract? go with that. Otherwise just do it, maintain professional rep and fix future contracts
  • 10:43:48: @LadyGrahn Welcome to twitter fellow concept artist reporting in
  • 10:48:14: @charliebowater congrats your work totally merits that
  • 10:59:17: RT @smuu: Mark Oakley hacks himself a cintiq (pretty entertaining stuff):
  • 11:01:03: RT @jamisonfoser: If Dems hadn't caved on federal funding for abortion long ago, we wouldn't be fighting to save funding for cancer scre ...
  • 11:06:18: RT @StephenCWebster: Totally, totally epic: Oregon lawmakers unite in stealthy 'Rick Roll' of entire legislature.
  • 11:21:13: RT @elenielstorm: Seriously, read this. It perfectly describes why I love DA2 and then some
  • 11:30:47: @dinobotTwit totally get that, want to work in a studio myself, one of my first freelance gigs totally bit me on the ass with revision hell
  • 11:31:37: @DinobotTwit so now even if it's not a totally formal contract and something really small, I at least try and layout expectations right away
  • 12:47:59: @gunthera1 think enslaved went on sale for $15 or $30 at gamestop
  • 13:19:36: @zerodean Phillippe's is in the Chinatown area of LA, 1001 N Alameda St, LA, CA 90012

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